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Suntrup Ford Kirkwood

At Suntrup Ford Kirkwood, we've got the selection you need, the prices you crave, and the kind of customer service that anyone can appreciate. We're proud to serve Kirkwood and surrounding St. Louis and we always aim to please.

Quality Service and Customer Care

Your satisfaction is all-important here at Suntrup. That means that our staff is ready and willing to get to the bottom of your needs, whether you know exactly which Ford you want or you need to spend extra time test-driving a few different models. And we have the knowledge to answer all of your burning questions, too.

You'll also love our one-stop shopping experience. Here at Suntrup, Kirkwood residents can trade in old vehicles for a fair price (with up to a $1,000 Trade Assist), get a great price on a new one, and sign up for financing in one fell swoop!

Major Selection

Ford continues to innovate — with exciting new models like the F-150 Lightning EV truck and desert-racing Bronco Raptor — and you can find all of its exciting new developments right here, at Suntrup Ford Kirkwood.

Besides the bestselling light-duty F-150, Ford offers a variety of ways to go trucking. The compact Maverick is a new arrival that delivers both excellent hybrid fuel economy and sturdy towing capabilities. With the midsize Ranger, you can improve towing prospects without leaving too big a footprint. For those with outsized towing needs, there are the heavy-duty trucks: the F-250, F-350, and F-450.

And Ford is never short on style, thanks to the iconic Mustang sports coupe and newer Mustang Mach-E EV. Both models turn heads with their flowing lines and aggressive front-ends. And both assuage your need for speed, putting plenty of power on tap.

For a ride that's both adventurous and family-friendly, check out Ford's crossover and SUV models. These include the smaller, more efficient EcoSport and Escape. For a little extra space, check out the midsize Edge and three-row Explorer. Finally, the three-row Expedition SUV takes your fun to the next level, with available four-wheel drive and heftier towing capabilities than smaller Ford crossovers.

Only the Best Used Options

At Suntrup Ford, we only offer our Kirkwood, MO customers the very best used cars and trucks that we can find. Since so many people trade in their old vehicles before buying a new one here, we can select the cream of the crop for resale. All of these pre-owned vehicles undergo extensive inspection, and only those that pass our high bar for quality and reliability remain here for resale!

Our Community Promise

We don't just serve Kirkwood, MO and surrounding areas with high-quality Ford vehicles and a smile. We make it a point to support our neighbors and local community organizations. For example, we strive to help make Kirkwood roads safer by working with area high schools. And we participated in Drive 4UR School, a fundraiser that directly benefits public schools and teachers.

We are here to serve you.

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